About S.O.S.

The people in Sucina who know Sucina, and the language.
We are here to help you enjoy living here!

Service of Sucina is the brainchild of Lauren Sanchez, who is of Spanish decent, living with her, now teenage children, in Sucina for 10 years, and Gavin Naismith, her partner, who has been on Hacienda Riquelme since its completion in 2008, but has been coming to Sucina from 2006.

Lauren has worked, as the British representative, for the local Mayor since 2011, therefore, has been very involved with the communities needs. So, as a fluent Spanish speaker, along with her children, believed there was a need to offer services for both locals and holiday makers.
She has worked in Sucina and had her own Cafe, before moving to work in San Javier branch of Iceland, where she works in the office

Gavin has had 3 successful businesses, in Estate Agency, property development and still has a children's luggage and bag brand, "The Cuties and Pals" . Now a full time Sucina resident, he has helped develop Lauren's ideas, into offering S.O.S.

Both are well known and respected in both HR and Sucina, and have many contacts, both Spanish and British, who they have built relationships with to offer the best services possible.

So if you need help with Translation for Utility companies, banks, doctors, hospitals, documents, or require Car hire, Shuttle service, Day Trips, Key holding, Holiday Lets, Building/Maintenance work, Golf Club & Bike Hire, Party & Events D.J., even just advice, then please contact us:
Tel. & Whatsapp: +34 65882066 or +44 7951021995
Email:  sosucina@gmail.com


Services of Sucina
Gavin & Lauren